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Leicester Research And Family History Services
Request to research Benjamin Gammidge born in Wigston, and his wife Hannah (or Anna). Hannah O'Shepherd was born in San Sebastian in Spain
Result: Information found on their wedding in Northfleet in Kent, and their marriage and children's births in Wigston. They must have met in Spain and came back to England. Benjamin was either a sailor or soldier. During the research contact was made with two people doing the same research, who we put in touch with each other, they are Cousins. They have now met and exchanged research data.
Request from Canada to find out the family about John Smith and Mary Poole who married in Hinckley in 1792.
Result: Lots of family information found on the Smith family. Brian Smith from Canada replied: Thank you so much for reaching out and all the terrific work you have done with my Smith's in Hinckley!
Request to research the Flint brothers who were sent to Dr. Barnardo's Home in Canada in 1909.
Result: Traced both brother’s journeys and their life in Canada. The first brother married, and his family was traced forward to 2008. Second brother joined the Canadian army at the outbreak of World War 1.
Request from Sharon to find out about Walter Hill from Leicester who served in the Army in World War 1
Result: Unfortunately, no papers survive for Walter Hill as they were damaged/destroyed during WW2. The only surviving record his his Medal Card. However, we did find details of his two brothers who also fought in WW1, including the exact trench site where one of the brothers we last seen before his death during the Battle of The Somme. On a trip to France we took pictures of the exact location of the trench, which Sharon has taken to Canada to show her Brother: thank you so much, I'll be able to take a complete story to show my brother in Canada
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